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Clixlo Review and Price Comparison

April 01, 202412 min read

Clixlo Review

What is Clixlo?

Before we start talking about all the features you get with Clixlo, let's first explain what Clixlo is. If I can sum it up in one sentence then I guess I would have to call it exactly the way they describe it. Clixlo is a 25-in-1 marketing tool to take care of all your marketing needs. I know that sounds like a bunch of hoopla, but having used many tools online for marketing, I have used my share and have subscribed to and purchased lifetime deals of quite a number of them. What sets Clixlo apart is the ease of use. Everything is tied together and prevents you from having to perform cyber gymnastics with webhooks and web automation tools. You know, the ones where you spend hours trying to tie it all together and hope it works. With Clixlo, it is already tied together and tracks everything for you. No coding or engineering degree required.

Now that you know what it is, let's talk about what it can do for you and how much money it can save you and your business.

Clixlo 25 tools in one image

Clixlo special offer for $97 one time price expiring soon. Click the image to check it out now

What Clixlo Can Do For You

With over 25 tools all built into one, Clixlo is most likely all you will need for online marketing journey. So let's break them all down one-by-one so you can decide if it is right for you.

  1. Websites - You can build unlimited websites with their easy drag and drop website builder and they have hundreds of templates to choose from to make it even easier and quicker for you to build. If you have experience with other website builders then this should be easy for you to learn. If you have no experience then they have tutorials for you to watch and you should be up to speed fast. Overall, this is a very good website builder compared to others I have used before and I actually enjoy using it.

  2. Funnels - You can also build your funnels inside just as easy as the websites, but the great thing about Clixlo is that everything is connected inside the software. This means that you can send leads to a booking funnel, which is connected to your CRM, which is connected to your email, which is connected to your SMS... Everything is connected together making your life so much easier for you to focus on greater things... like... getting traffic and generating more profits for your business. It also keeps track of all your clicks and let's you test your campaigns with AB testing. And since you can install tracking pixels, you can track everything about your campaigns inside the software. BYE BYE AUTOMATION TOOLS (and your high monthly subscription prices).

  3. Courses - Yes you can upload unlimited courses. Imagine the ability to not only upload your course but also being able to track your students progress and automate your emails and SMS to keep in touch with your students. The ability to generate your own invoices for your students and accept payments through your stripe account with the cart inside the Clixlo software. The ability to send out surveys to your students or even test. Clixlo gives you the ability to take control of the learning experience you offer your students and a birds eye view of how they are progressing through your course. Clixlo also gives you the ability to trickle the courses out to your students allowing you to have total control.

    Clixlo community page

    Click here to check out Clixlo now

  4. Community - This is set up like a Facebook page and offers product demos to show you jhow to use all the features inside the software. You can also ask questions of other members, access free mini-guides, access Clixlo support, and download the Clixlo Android or IOS app for your phone. You can also DM other members inside the Clixlo Community which can be a great way to meet like minded entrepreneurs.

  5. Bookings - You can automatically accept bookings which is tied into all the other automated features giving you more of a hands off approach with total control. With the ability to call from inside the app as well as SMS or email. Everything is done through the pipeline you set up. Your potential customer has access to your calendar to select a time of their choosing which automatically sets everything in your pipeline in motion. You do however have to make the call at the appointed time.

  6. Emails - You can move your list over and capture new leads to add as contacts inside your Clixlo account. Unfortunately, which is to be expected, since they incur cost for the emails you send they have to pass that cost on to you. You do not have an unlimited email account to send to your hearts content. The price they charge for emails are for sent emails so you only pay when you use it. They only charge 0.00135 per email sent. Which adds up to about 7405 emails for $10. This is inline with what others charge, but inside the app everything is connected together so you don't have to pay for automation software to connect everything, which will still save you money and hassle.

    Clixlo Email Pricing

    Click here to check out Clixlo now

  7. SMS/Text - This is also available and connected to everything inside the app. They do incur an expense for any text you send out so there is also a cost they will pass on to you. They charge 0.0158 per text you send from the app. Which gives you about 635 text/SMS for $10. The great part is that all your text are captured and stored with your contacts information, so you never have to approach a client or customer without past conversational knowledge before you do. And everything is set up to be automated inside the Clixlo app.

  8. Automation - This is a big money saver for inspired entrepreneurs, and big time saver. You can set everything to be a well oiled machine that tracks and automates everything for you giving you more time to focus on the more important things in your business. (Like getting customers). Automation apps are not cheap and require a monthly subscription which takes away from your bottom line. Being able to automate and track everything in one app is the cherry on top of so many other cherries.

  9. Cart - Clixlo let's you integrate Stripe and Paypal to your checkout pages for instant payments into your accounts. You have the ability to have order bumps and upsells for your funnels and all of it is set up to be automatic to let you earn profits while you sleep.

  10. CRM - Customer Relationship Management is an integral part of the Clixlo app. You will be able to manage your customers or clients interactions during the sales process all the way to the sell ensuring you don't miss out on a potential sell. This is a great thing to have for almost any entrepreneur who deals with potential clients or customers who require further engagement from you or your sales team to get the sell. It is all part of the one time payment for Clixlo.

  11. Pipelines - This gives you the ability to automate your clients or customers whole experience with your business. It is also what gives you a more hands off approach. Once you set up your pipelines, your potential prospects are put into the pipeline and you either end up with a sell, potential sell or new lead at the end of it. There is no end of the pipelines you can create. If someone cancels, you have a pipeline for that. If someone request a refund, you have a pipeline for it. Your imagination is your only limiting factor here.

  12. Social - Manage social accounts. Keep your social presence active by publishing posts across multiple social media networks at once! Save time by scheduling posts Ensure your social channels remain active by scheduling posts in advance! Upload bulk social posts with CSV. Review and approve posts before posting. Leverage the comprehensive collection of Templates. Generate evergreen content with AI. With the ability to link to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, GMB, X, and TikTok.

  13. Forms - The ability to build forms to capture contact information from your potential prospects. Clixlo also gives the ability to track and analyze all your forms so you can see who submitted it, when they submitted it and the information they entered. And you guessed it, they can be placed into your automation process or pipelines from there.

  14. Inbox - It wouldn't be complete if it didn't keep track of emails sent to you. Clixlo keeps track of all your communications so you can look up past conversations and know all your client's or customer's communications with you and your team.

  15. Invoicing - Yes you have the ability to create and send invoices inside Clixlo. This is all tracked to let you know when a customer has paid and when they have not. Which can be automated inside. You also have the ability set up subscription with automatic billing of your customers or clients.

  16. Live Chat - Webchat for your website. Configure a chat widget to convert your website visitors to leads. The ability to talk to your website visitors and answer questions they may have could be the difference of getting that sell and could increase your profits dramatically.

  17. Affiliate - The ability to have affiliates sell for you is an awesome add. Clixlo does more than that with the ability to track their progress and send out payments. You know who is selling and how much they are selling for you which gives you the ability to reward over achievers.

  18. Reviews - You also have the ability to capture reviews from your customers and use them in your promotional materials and ads. Preventing you from having to purchase an outside software for this.

  19. Dashboard - Your master control panel that gives you a detailed analysis of all your dealings. From Google Analytics and Facebook ads to how your funnels are performing and opportunities and conversion rates. You can also view your pipeline to see where you may have problems. This is where you monitor everything for all your campaigns. You can have a different dashboard for all your businesses and toggle between them.

    Clixlo DashboardBottom half Clixlo Dashboard

    Click here to check out Clixlo now before the $97 one time offer ends.

  20. Calling - Yes you can even place phone calls from the app for all the appointments you have inside your calendar which also keeps records of the call for you.

  21. Surveys - You can create surveys to get a pulse check or virtually anything you want to have a survey for. You can embed these where you want, in your funnels, website, blog, or practically anywhere. The responses are recorded and you can track them or automate them into your pipelines depending on the responses.

  22. Blogs - Start a blog for your website using Clixlo. This is a new feature for Clixlo but is very powerful for those who wish to do blogging for their business. With Clixlo you can do unlimited blogging and track visitors to your blogs.

  23. Reporting - You will have reports from Google and Facebook when you connect them with pixels. You will also see your Google business profile and your Google analytics report. All this on the same page in your dashboard.

  24. Calendars - You can have as many calendars as you wish and either embed them on your sites or provide links to your potential clients or customers so they can choose a day and time that suits their needs. They will automatically be added to your contacts and put them in a pipeline of your choosing. You will still have to call them at the appointed time.

  25. Domains - You can add as many websites as you like but you will have to purchase the domain from a provider like Godaddy or Namecheap. Very simple to add in and just takes a couple minutes. The A record and C name are provided in case it doesn't automatically link through. I have Godaddy and it was automatically done with a couple clicks to approve it.

  26. Members - Keep track of your course members and where they are in the process of learning. Also keep track of how many are in each course and the revenue generated as well as the products you have offered them and the overall analytics.

  27. Workflows - Create and manage Workflows to automate business processes, improve efficiency, and increase conversions. The more you automate... the better.

    Clixlo Workflows

    Click here to check out Clixlo now

  28. Content AI - Having problems trying to put it in words? No problem with Clixlo, Content AI is built in for you It's pay as you go for Content AI. at $0.18 per 1000 words or about $10 gets you about 55,555 words. This could be a time saver for you if you choose to use it.

  29. Chat AI - Let AI handle the chat for your new website with Clixlo's Chat AI. It's pay as you go for Conversational AI. at $0.04 per message or $10 gets you about 250 messages. You may not need this now but it is nice to have it as an option for your future business needs.

I believe this is the best deal going for entrepreneurs as I have purchased and used so many different funnel software and automation software in the past. Clixlo definitely gets the nod for ease and convenience. But what it all boils down to is the price.

What Is The Price Of Clixlo?

Clixlo is right now having a special for only $97 one time payment and I believe this is something that everyone who is serious about building an online business should drop everything and click on the purchase button immediately... we don't know how long this offer will last and you wouldn't want to miss out on this incredible deal. This may very well be the last purchase for software you will ever need.

Click Here To Check It Out Now

I hope you are able to take this special offer and launch your online business with all the tools that Clixlo offers for a one time price of $97. Don't wait for a better offer because I don't think you will ever find one that gives you what Clixlo has and for such a low one time price.

Wishing you happiness in all you endeavor to do.

Gary Maynard

Clixlo reviewcomplete clixlo reviewClixlo review and price comparisonClixlo priceClixlo complete breakdownClixlo complete reviewWhat is Clixloclixlo
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