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On behalf of our entire team, thank you for choosing to learn with us. We never take your educational investment lightly. Our top priority is equipping you with useful digital marketing skills combined with ongoing support to truly master online marketing at your own pace.

Now the rewarding journey begins! Set yourself up for self-paced success by:

Joining our Facebook group Created Profits and learn with our challenges, contest, and weekly live streams.

We eagerly anticipate helping you gain the marketing skills and confidence you need through our engaging curriculum and community. With new new marketing lessons arriving weekly across our learning platforms, we welcome you to keep returning and sharing feedback for an ever-richer experience. Here's to prosperity and possibility!

Hope to see you inside.


Do I need any prior online marketing knowledge to benefit from your courses?

We design our digital marketing curriculum specifically for beginner to intermediate learners. No matter your starting literacy level, our goal is to provide the foundational knowledge to become adept at building your own business and scaling it. Courses progress in sequence to incrementally teach key concepts and strategies to let you build your business as you learn.

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What if I can only afford one course right now?

We allow learners to enroll in individual self-paced video courses based on topics of interest, availability to commit time, and budgets. While our credential pathways help structure comprehensive learning, just taking our introductory business builder course for example can greatly boost your digital marketing skills. We make continuing future learning easy by preserving all progress and offer installment payment plans.

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Will there be support for the courses?

Yes, learner support and engagement are cornerstones of our teaching methodology. All video courses provide access to our Facebook group where you will have access to a community of like minded entrepreneurs like yourself. You will also have access to weekly live events that are used to help you progress with the courses and build your business. There is one-on-one coaching for those who would like individual coaching and masterminds you can join to further your knowledge with. Increasing your knowledge and ways to obtain it are what we are all about and we pride ourselves on tailored guidance built to cater to your learning needs.

Can I work at my own pace?

Our courses are designed for you to learn to learn at your own pace. You can go as fast or slow as you want to go with the courses. You can dive in and launch your business quickly or learn it in your spare time, you decide.

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Can I get rich from taking these courses?

We can make no guarantees for anyone taking these courses as to your financial future because we don't know you or your passion for building a business of your own. Others have become rich using these same strategies and you have the ability to do the same. We do guarantee that we will support you and guide you to reach all the goals you have set for yourself and your new business, and we will actively work with you until you do.

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I was completely lost when it came to understanding personal finance until I discovered Financial Skills Academy. As a newly divorced mom of two kids, I suddenly had a lot more to manage on my own from housing to healthcare to planning for college one day. The on-demand video courses broke complex money topics down in simple ways I could understand.

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